Our delivery approach is based on key goals namely Cost, quality and speed. The goal is to achieve best combination of all the three important factors of development process for the maximum benefit of customers.

We achieve these goals through our:

  • Flexible client engagement models
  • Well-defined development methodologies, and
  • Rigorous project management approach

Beyond these cornerstones of our delivery approach, we also take that our client’s Intellectual Property Protection very seriously.

Given the delivery time constraints, Seek Generally follows “Modified RAD” (Modified Rapid Application Development) methodology.

Broadly, what Seek does is to complete the High-level design and certain essential elements of Detailed design first and then immediately begin the Build phase of the project. The “Design” phase as specified above will include all design elements except the unit test plans. The unit test plans will be completed as a part of the Build phase.

The development of an application covers the following life cycle activities of software development:
  • Requirement Finalization and Prototyping
  • High Level and Detailed Design
  • Construction and Unit Testing (referred to as Build)
  • Functional Testing
  • Technical Documentation and User Manual
  • Support during Software Acceptance Testing
  • Warranty support

Deliverables by Life Cycle

The table below is summary description of project deliverables
undertaken by Seek:.


Requirements and High Level Design (Carried out onsite)

  • Repository of Use Cases and Scenarios
  • Prototype
  • Logical Object Model (LOM)
  • Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
  • Proof of Concept Application and Results
  • Final Project Plan

Detailed Design

  • Physical Object Model (POM)
  • Class Specifications in Rational Rose equivalent to detailed program
  • Physical Database Design
  • Project Standards document
  •  Unit Tested Sources and Executables
  • Installation Scripts

Functional Testing

  • System Test Plan based on the Acceptance Test Plan prepared and
    given by client.
  • System Tested Sources and Executables

System Documentation

  • Technical Manual
  • User Manual for Clients

Acceptance Testing

  • Accepted Code

Requirements gathering

Involves selection process of the software development methodology depending upon End Users requirements and Organizational Infrastructure. Also Involves extensive Correspondence with Business Owners & End Users for Specifications documentation and signoff.
  • Studying the Client needs and Planning/Designing the tools to be
    developed. Customizing of the Project application methodology to the
    changing needs of the client.
  • Using the RUP methodology from Inception through to Transition
    Using Rational XDE and Rose Modeler to design use case, class,
    sequence and activity diagrams.

Architectural design & Application design

Based upon the existing Infrastructure of the organization, to decide whether to go for N-Tier Architectural designs Transaction/Database/Web/File Servers and designing interaction between these over the network. Also, Involves preparing Process flow, Prototyping - working models/Proof of concepts, Project Plans and Phase/Module/Task allocations.
  • Design and Implementation of an architecture where the core
    processing components are harnessable both through XML and database.
  • Web site and security architecture for overall web site architecture

Development and Implementation (.Net Platform)

  • Database architecture and design
    Middle tier Process/Business,.NET component development utilizing C#.
    Presentation tier – ASP & ASP.NET, Data access layer ADO 2.X & ADO.NET
  • Extensive correspondence with Corporate support to oversee
    project flow from development stage through System Integration Test &
    UAT to Production handoff
  • Design and Implementation of an automatic nightly build and install
  • Refactoring techniques to improve design of existing code.
  • Build and release of Application including end user support material
    and installation artifacts
  • Technical/Code level Documentations for the projects source safe
    [Visual Source Safe & PVCS] and hand over process

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